Nomad 22

Nomad 22 Specs:

Net Hull Weight: 1,900

Center Line Length: 22'2"

Beam: 7'10"

Approx. Draft: 10"

Max Power: 300 HP 


In-shore in the morning, off-shore in the afternoon, built to be different, designed to be superior. Solid hi-tech construction combined with a superb design has made the Nomad the best flats and bay boat on the water today. Renegade Marine boats contain no wood and are built out of a high-density composite construction using only the finest hardware. From stainless steel thru hulls to our pop-up cleats, these are all standard on a Renegade!

The success of the Nomad has demonstrated that there is a large group of people who desire a boat package that includes: shallow water capability and the ability to run off shore later in the day. The Nomad is a Renegade... it's built to be different, and to give demanding fishermen (and women) that "perfect package" of capabilities and features.

Each boat is standardized in specifications and built to last. The resale value of a Renegade is second to none.

Every flats boat manufacturer claims A good ride for itself, but the Renegade Nomad delivers that and more.The Nomad has everything you need  built right into the boat at a price that gives quality and immediate value no matter what model you desire. 


The Nomad differs from most Vee Hulls because it has a 48 Degree deadrise in the bow which is second to none! There isn’t another flats or bay boat on the market that can make this claim and still only draft 8 to10” of water depending on its size. So what does this mean to you... for one, you won’t get beat up or wet when those mid afternoon storms roll in. 

With its cigarette boat good looks, its huge deck space, and walk around gunnels the Nomad is a "true wonder!" Because of state of the art building techniques, the 6’ running pad and light hull allow this boat to run effortlessly gliding through the shallowest of water. With a new full length, foam filled, transom to bow stringer system the Nomad can run with confidence in the toughest of conditions, light and strong. The Nomad provides it's customers with 2 boats in one, a boat for offshore and family outingings and an inshore boat to satisfy the avid flats fisherman. With the Nomad our customers get the best of both worlds.

The performance of the Nomad is unmatched, just ask anyone who owns a Renegade.

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